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hollda said:   Missed a game   2017-11-28 14:15:28
You do not have the 11/21/2017 Louisiana game in your system. It was a Cayman Islands Classic game with result -- Wyo 70 Louisiana 61.
R2elk said:   Falsified data   2015-1-9 10:53:46
Ignore the Wyoming ranking since this site is making up its own data.

They are showing Wyoming as being as being 10-4 and 1-2 in conference play.

Overall Wyoming is 14-2 so at the worst their record should be recorded as 12-2.

Wyoming is currently 3-0 in conference play.

This site is showing Wyoming as having lost to UNLV by a score of 55-58 when Wyoming won that 12-31 -2014 game by a score of 76-61.

They also are showing that Wyoming lost to CSu by the same 55-58 score when Wyoming won at CSU on 1-7-2015 by a score of 60-54.

Another glaring error is that they are showing that Wyoming won at SJSU on 1-3-2015 by a score of 96-60 when the Cowboys did win that game but by a score of 64-59.

This shows that there are at least 4 teams that they have entered inaccurate information. How many other teams are they falsifying data for?

For a site that wants to be know as having the most accurate ratings this is deplorable and there does not appear to be any effort to correct these mistakes making me think that they are not mistakes but intentional falsification of data.
dbratke said:   Go Pokes!!!!   2012-12-11 6:43:23
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