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Airboss said:   Nevadasmith10   2014-12-1 11:32:54
I'm not sure why RTR won't fix obvious problems or record wins of D1 games played. What a bunch of nonresponsive people running this website. I've sent them four emails asking them to correct the fact that they don't show the UNLV vs TEMPLE game. Nothing... This is just wrong and a complete lacy of customer service
dreamer said:   starting strong   2010-11-25 13:0:9
mwc is starting very strong.. we could have 4 bids this year again!
coolguy said:   perfect situation?   2010-3-13 8:13:3
UNLV and SDSU both won: this is perfect for the conf. 4 Bids for sure now
edd2boys said:   Re:Odds Cory Joseph goes to UNLV?   2010-1-27 18:19:12
The only reason we might get him is because he and anthony marshal are good friends.That's the only reason period.
Wallbanger said:   Odds Cory Joseph goes to UNLV?   2010-1-19 11:7:33
I would like to think it's better than 50-50, but realistically, I think 33% is about right!!
prestoncaldwell said:   So the NCAA changed their interpretation of a home game.   2010-1-18 10:36:54
So UNLV's loss to KSU should be a home loss, as originally reported and now corected....
prestoncaldwell said:   KSU vs UNLV   2009-12-15 20:8:34
Was a neutral venue. Should not be calculated as a UNLV Home game.
bkusa said:   Re:Rebels seeding   2007-3-4 19:51:25
ur max seed should be 4. the committee might give u a 3. u should not get 4 teams.
heatermatt said:   Rebels seeding   2007-2-26 3:45:6
What do you think their max seed is? On another note, if SDSU wins the MTN West tourney, will the conference get 4 bids? If not, who is left out (BYU)?
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