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ron kimball said:   The Best   2007-4-3 6:52:45
Over the last couple of years due to the ACC raiding our conference, I've listened to all of the so-called experts on ESPN, read what the so-called pundits have written about our conference as being washed up and nowhere to go but down. How wrong all of them were and are.
I personally believe that from top to bottom the Big East Conference is the best conference in the country, not only in basketball and football but in all sports. What makes the conference so special is not only the talent on all of its teams but the quality of its coaches.
I'm reading in the today's paper that the University of Michigan is going after our Coach Beilein from West Virginia. I hope the coach tells the University to go to HELL and stays put at West Virginia. Isn't it amazing that when another conference fires one their coach's for not performing to expectations, the first pklace that they all look to is the BIG EAST Conference.
Coach again Please tell the University of Michigan to go to HELL, your place is here in the Big East Conference at the University of West Virginia.

Ron Kimball
Oneida, New York
Syracuse Orangemen Fan
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